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  • How to Get Your Dream Job (A Management Consultant’s Guide)
    A lot of people are not satisfied with their current jobs. A popular study revealed that more than 50% of employees are dissatisfied with their current jobs. And that as much as 20% hate the work they do. Imagine hating something you spend over 50% of your waking hours doing? It must be truly frustrating. This post seeks to help you get your dream job i.e. leaving … Read more
  • PAYE Tax Course
    If you have ever wanted to do a deep dive into how PAYE taxes are computed in Nigeria, then this course will interest you. It is a comprehensive guide on how PAYE tax is computed in Nigeria. It covers PAYE tax computations on both Nigerians and immigrants (expatriates). You will no longer be in the dark after this course Course Outline Legal basis of PAYE tax computations … Read more