If you have ever wanted to do a deep dive into how PAYE taxes are computed in Nigeria, then this course will interest you.

It is a comprehensive guide on how PAYE tax is computed in Nigeria. It covers PAYE tax computations on both Nigerians and immigrants (expatriates).

You will no longer be in the dark after this course

Course Outline

  • Legal basis of PAYE tax computations
  • Definition of income
  • List of exempted items
  • Reliefs and allowable deductions
  • PAYE tax table
  • Reliefs and allowable deductions
  • PAYE tax computation Nigerian employees
  • PAYE tax computation for Expatriates
  • Basic PAYE timelines

What you stand to benefit from the course

  • Understand the legal basis of PAYE tax computation in Nigeria
  • Understand what part of your income and benefits are taxable and which is not
  • Be able to do PAYE tax computation by yourself unsupervised
  • Understand how expatriate PAYE tax computation is computed
  • Understand some of the major timelines for PAYE taxes
  • Make yourself more competitive as a candidate

Mode of Delivery of Course

Online and self paced

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